Hi world!

Hi! I’m Ay-Dev! I’m making a game called Ainaru Yaku about a Yandere girl (What a surprise!). I’m not sure yet if this is a fan-game because a lot of assets and part of story are project by me. I will make another blog post when I’ve something ready to show you more about the game. When I’ve ready the first build of the game, I’ll make it public so people can test it and send me suggestions and bugs.

Thank you for your time!

Hi! I made some sketches!

Hi! I made some sketches for the game! They are not official but I would like to show them to you!


Here’s my first sketch for Kuna! The colors are probably final. E6B774C3-0DDF-4CE3-AACB-3993CFD4A4B2 1.PNG

Here’s Senpai! I choose his name! Ryo! I really like him!

E6B774C3-0DDF-4CE3-AACB-3993CFD4A4B2 5 (1).PNG

That’s the logo for the game! It’s probably final, but everything could change in sketches!

E6B774C3-0DDF-4CE3-AACB-3993CFD4A4B2 4.PNG

That was my idea for the title-logo!

I hope you like those sketches! If you have suggestions, tell me in the comments!

Thank you!